"Black Widow Gone Wild" is the sexiest stop action short we've ever seen

From the brilliant mind behind Iron Baby and the Puppy AT-AT comes the latest in awesome stop-motion shorts, Black Widow Gone Wild. Plus a gorgeous Mexican zombie movie and another short worth your immediate attention! » 2/20/11 5:30pm 2/20/11 5:30pm

Owning a pet AT-AT walker is a ridiculously heartwarming experience

Patrick Boivin, the filmmaker behind the Iron Baby clip, has created another absurdly cute short. In "AT-AT Day Afternoon," Boivin recasts the scourge of Echo Base as man's best friend. Look out for its droppings, though. They're kind of icky. » 6/27/10 10:39am 6/27/10 10:39am

Iron Baby Saves the World with Cuteness

For moviegoers debating between watching Iron Man 2 and Babies, here is the perfect compromise. Iron Baby is a special effects bonanza featuring a toddler who blasts away at fluffy, age-appropriate supervillains and looks darned cute doing it. [via Cinematical] » 5/27/10 11:10am 5/27/10 11:10am