Exclusive Trailer for the Newly Found Doctor Who Story, "Web of Fear"

Feast your eyes on long-unseen footage from the classic Doctor Who story, "The Web of Fear" — the first appearance of the Doctor's longtime friend Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. This story is going up for sale at iTunes in its entirety, and we're thrilled to premiere the trailer exclusively at io9. »10/10/13 7:07pm10/10/13 7:07pm


Neil Gaiman gives Doctor Who's Cybermen what they need: a new legend

Doctor Who has been many television shows over the years, but for many people the show reached its perfect formula in the mid-1960s, with stories about a handful of people trying to withstand an army of Cybermen. Or Ice Warriors. Or Yeti. Neil Gaiman is one of those people, and he's created a perfect tribute to that… »5/12/13 12:00am5/12/13 12:00am

An Apple A Day Makes The Doctor... Available, Apparently

Inspired by our suggestion »8/18/08 11:40am8/18/08 11:40am to deal with the current drought by dipping back into the series' pre-Russell T Davies history? If you're an iTunes user, that's just been made easier than ever before: the BBC has released fourteen classic stories from the '60s, '70s and '80s on Steve Jobs' favorite DRM-happy resource -…