Exclusive Trailer for the Newly Found Doctor Who Story, "Web of Fear"

Feast your eyes on long-unseen footage from the classic Doctor Who story, "The Web of Fear" — the first appearance of the Doctor's longtime friend Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. This story is going up for sale at iTunes in its entirety, and we're thrilled to premiere the trailer exclusively at io9. » 10/10/13 4:07pm 10/10/13 4:07pm

Two previously lost Doctor Who episodes come out this week!

We've heard tons of rumors about the discovery of lost Doctor Who episodes, and while many of those rumors remain unconfirmed, at least a few episodes have been rediscovered. The Radio Times has announced that two previously lost episodes from the Patrick Troughton era will be available for download this Wednesday! » 10/06/13 1:00pm 10/06/13 1:00pm

Neil Gaiman gives Doctor Who's Cybermen what they need: a new legend

Doctor Who has been many television shows over the years, but for many people the show reached its perfect formula in the mid-1960s, with stories about a handful of people trying to withstand an army of Cybermen. Or Ice Warriors. Or Yeti. Neil Gaiman is one of those people, and he's created a perfect tribute to that… » 5/11/13 9:00pm 5/11/13 9:00pm

An Apple A Day Makes The Doctor... Available, Apparently

Inspired by our suggestion » 8/18/08 8:40am 8/18/08 8:40am to deal with the current drought by dipping back into the series' pre-Russell T Davies history? If you're an iTunes user, that's just been made easier than ever before: the BBC has released fourteen classic stories from the '60s, '70s and '80s on Steve Jobs' favorite DRM-happy resource -…