Paul Bettany Explains How The Avengers Will React To Meeting The Vision

First he was JARVIS, now he's the Vision. We sat down with Paul Bettany at Comic-Con and desperately tried to needle any details out of the newest addition to the Earth's mightiest heroes. And here's what we discovered.
» 7/28/14 2:15pm 7/28/14 2:15pm

Our first peek at the Dark Knight cinematographer's directorial debut

We're excited that regular Christopher Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister is picking up the director's mantle for his debut film, Transcendence. And now we get a very tiny look at what is going on in Pfister's movie world. » 7/13/13 4:00pm 7/13/13 4:00pm

Priest shows how the Catholic Church created a dystopian future

Say what you will about Paul Bettany's slice-em-up vampire Western Priest, we're sluts for interesting world-building. And this new trailer has heaps of it. Watch how the Church changed the vampire-besieged world forever! » 5/03/11 4:32pm 5/03/11 4:32pm

Samurai Jack's Genndy Tartakovsky shows how the bloody vampire-slaying…

How did we wind up with a post-apocalyptic world where the church is our only defence against vampires? Watch this amazing animation prequel by Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack) that explains the bloody vampire vs. human history of Priest. » 4/07/11 6:30am 4/07/11 6:30am

Priest's WonderCon footage baptizes us with carnage

We all remember the utterly horrific and unbearable angels-with-guns flick Legion. So naturally we were skeptical about another supernatural thriller starring Paul Bettany. But thank goodness, the footage we watched last night from Priest was surprisingly fun. » 4/02/11 7:30am 4/02/11 7:30am

How much crap can the vampire-slaying movie Priest cram into one…

Future cities, motorcycles, brothers, CG monsters, CG vampires, cowboy vampires, Emperor-esque priests, forehead burns, brothers on their deathbeds, crucifix ninja weapons, lady warriors, train jumping — gasp! Everything you've ever wanted from a monster vampire motorcycle movie is in Priest. » 1/11/11 3:00pm 1/11/11 3:00pm

New Priest trailer bursts with post-apocalyptic scenery-chewing and CG…

Paul Bettany will convert you to the worship of smouldering crucifix-faced angst, vampire-hunting explosions and six-pack abs, judging from the latest trailer for next summer's Priest. If you played a spot-the-cliche drinking game on this trailer, you'd pass out. Spoilers! » 9/10/10 9:00am 9/10/10 9:00am

Prepare for the holy war against post-apocalyptic vampires, with the…

Ready to be plunged into a post-apocalyptic war between super-clergy and wild vampires? Check out the first trailer for Priest! [via HeyUGuys] » 7/25/10 5:00pm 7/25/10 5:00pm

Priest takes us into a post-apocalyptic war between vampires and the…

If you're looking for post-apocalyptic warfare between vampires and super-strong priest in a dark world of walled cities and space trains, then we present to you Priest, the latest supernatural action spectacular from the director and star of Legion. » 7/24/10 6:00am 7/24/10 6:00am

Legion: On The Wings Of Loathe

You know how you've been waiting for a bad-ass angel movie? One that will finally cement the Feathered Soldiers of the Almighty in the action-flick firmament? Yeah well - Legion isn't it. » 1/22/10 3:00pm 1/22/10 3:00pm

Watch God's Right Hand Angel Fight Paul Bettany, And His Badass Gun

Angel Fight! The winged, prissy Gabriel goes up against humanity's only hope, a single fallen angel with a gun. Can you even shoot an Angel? Apparently yes — check out the latest ultra-violent clip from Legion. » 1/06/10 6:30am 1/06/10 6:30am

New Images From Legion Unleash The Plague Of Flies And Ice-Cream Demons

A new batch of Legion stills show God's wrath pouring down on humankind via fire, plague and melty-demon ice cream men. Behold the mighty smiting in the form of pissed-off old women. » 11/27/09 6:30am 11/27/09 6:30am

Doug Jones On Legion's Biblical Violence: "All Heaven Breaks Loose"

You may remember Doug Jones' freaktastic galloping entrance in the Legion trailer. We asked the melty ice-cream man of death himself, Doug Jones, about his role and whether this boil-popping thriller is going to get even more disgusting. » 8/19/09 12:20pm 8/19/09 12:20pm

Legion's Red Band Angel War Trailer Descends Upon Humanity

The unholy battle between humans and angels has started, with the redband Legion trailer. In which gun-carrying angel Paul Bettany chops off his wings, to protect an unborn savior. Looks like a boil-popping good time. » 8/12/09 2:00pm 8/12/09 2:00pm

The Ancient Angel Language on Paul Bettany's Neck, Decoded

We've long speculated on the meaning of the mysterious tattoos adorning Paul Bettany's body as the Archangel Michael in the apocalyptic truck-stop movie Legion. Now, we've finally learned the secrets of Bettany's angelic ink and the heavenly LoJack system. » 7/25/09 11:00am 7/25/09 11:00am

Legion's Shirtless Tatooed Angel Wields Both A Gun And A Knife

Paul Bettany's shirtless chest and wings greets Comic Con visitors from the rafters. Seriously, forget Avatar, the the end of the world truck stop second coming of Christ movie Legion may be Comic Con's big winner. » 7/22/09 8:00am 7/22/09 8:00am