Bruce Sterling's Advice for New Science Fiction Authors: "Trying to ace your way through collapsing industries is a drag"

There's a must-read interview with legendary Cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling over at FortyKey, where Cory Doctorow, Paul Di Filippo and a bunch of other people ask him questions about writing and the future. In particular, Di Filippo asks him what his strategy would be for breaking in as a new science fiction writer… »1/04/13 7:46pm1/04/13 7:46pm

A New Tribute To Weirdness, From Weird SF Author Paul Di Filippo

My new favorite blog is Weird Universe, a listing of weird happenings and cultural phenomena. It has three contributors: Ribofunk author Paul Di Filippo, one of my favorite writers of bizarre SF, Chuck Shepherd, writer of the News Of The Weird column for decades, and Alex Boese, creator of the Museum Of Hoaxes. »7/09/08 1:51pm7/09/08 1:51pm