Are Paul Krugman's 1996 predictions about 2096 already coming true?

Back in 1996, economist Paul Krugman wrote an essay about the next 100 years of economic history, as if looking back from the year 2096. At the center of that essay was the notion that white-collar jobs would disappear, and a college education would become much less valuable. And is this already happening now? »6/13/13 2:25pm6/13/13 2:25pm

Essential Science Fiction Novels for Understanding the Economy

Our economy is huge, incomprehensible and potentially deadly if you take a wrong step — just like space, in fact. So when it comes to understanding the fundamentals of economics, you need to read some classic and recent science fiction novels. Luckily, Paul Krugman and Noah Smith have provided a reading list. »5/13/13 7:40pm5/13/13 7:40pm

Paul Krugman explains what Asimov's Foundation and Jordan's Wheel of Time have in common

Even if you're not a huge fan of Paul Krugman, the trouble-making economist and New York Times columnist, you should check out his introduction to a new edition of Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy (PDF). He explains pretty succinctly just why these novels are great, and why they had such a huge impact on the young… »10/22/12 7:30pm10/22/12 7:30pm

Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize Winner And Failed Psychohistorian

Newly Nobel Prize-winner Paul Krugman was inspired to become an economist by reading science fiction, as Patrick Nielsen Hayden over at reminds us. Krugman says he read Isaac Asimov's Foundation »10/14/08 4:30pm10/14/08 4:30pm trilogy and wanted to become a psychohistorian — a career that sadly doesn't exist yet. Instead, Krugman wrote a…