Mind-Blowing Spaceships from 1970s British Paperbacks

Paul McAuley is the author of The Quiet War, as well as Life After Wartime and Evening's Empires. He's also got an amazing collection of 1970s SF paperbacks, whose covers he's just digitized to share with the world. Here's his gallery of covers that feature spaceships done in a cool, psychedelic-minimalist style. » 7/11/13 5:00pm 7/11/13 5:00pm

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can't Afford to Miss in…

November's books are bursting with excitement! There's futuristic pulp fiction, swashbuckling excitement, reimagined fairytales... and the return of Miles Vorkosigan. Wild adventures and amazing cleverness await, and you don't want to miss out on all the conversations the cool people will be having about these shiny… » 11/13/12 2:21pm 11/13/12 2:21pm

Some of the Coolest Space War Stories You've Ever Seen

War and Space: Recent Combat, from editors Rich Horton and Sean Wallace is possibly one of the finest anthologies that I've ever come across. This anthology looks at the nature of war, and how it might impact our future civilizations in space. Fans of high-octane stories with lots of action might be let down by the… » 7/25/12 8:00am 7/25/12 8:00am

When scientists work with creative people, cooler stories get told

Six major British science fiction authors have released an open letter calling for greater cooperation between scientists and creative people, saying that the U.K. is falling behind the U.S. in communication between the arts and sciences. The authors, including Paul McAuley, Geoff Ryman, Ken Macleod and Justina Robson, … » 4/24/12 3:30pm 4/24/12 3:30pm

If SF Publishing Implodes Once Again, Will You Follow Your Favorite…

Science fiction publishing imploded in the 1960s, driving writers like Robert Silverberg to write sleazy sex novels — Silverberg wrote 150 trashy novels in five years, explaining that "A dozen or so magazines for which I had been writing regularly ceased publication overnight; and as for the tiny market for s-f novels . … » 11/23/09 9:30am 11/23/09 9:30am

Join the io9 Book Club Discussion on "The Quiet War"

The first meeting of the io9 Book Club is in session all weekend, and we're talking about Paul McAuley's The Quiet War. If you want to join us, pop over to our book club meeting room. Also, don't forget that McAuley will be joining us for a discussion so get your questions ready to ask him on Monday! » 10/10/09 1:56pm 10/10/09 1:56pm

io9 Book Club, Early Fall Edition: "The Quiet War," by Paul McAuley

After we wrote about scifi book club lit, many of you asked for an io9 book club. And now we're starting one. Our first selection is Paul McAuley's geoengineering thriller and space opera The Quiet War. » 9/21/09 1:00pm 9/21/09 1:00pm