Victor Frankenstein Is Like Watching Your Cute Friend Get High and Blowtorch Their Own Face

Seriously. Did you ever have a ridiculously good-looking friend who was also brilliant and talented, but they made some really bad choices and threw it all away? Victor Frankenstein is like that. This movie has so much going for it, and just fritters it away, like a goddamn frittering machine. »Wednesday 3:52pm11/25/15 3:52pm


Yelly Angry Chinese Mobsters Want To Kill Dakota Fanning In Push Pics

In the new scifi thriller Push »7/28/08 7:00pm7/28/08 7:00pm, sexy teens with mind powers run through Hong Kong trying to escape equally sexy villains who scream so loud they blow up the tanks and the fish inside with their sonic vibrations (the is going to be pissed that they stole his thing). The plot follows a group of gifted kids who all…