Paul Pope Explains Why Aurora West Is Batman To Battling Boy's Superman

Aurora West, daughter of the science hero Haggard West, made her first appearance in Paul Pope's monster-filled comic Battling Boy. Today, The Rise of Aurora West comes out, revealing the fledgling heroine's backstory, and we spoke to Pope about his two very different child heroes. » 9/30/14 11:40am 9/30/14 11:40am

Paul Pope's Battling Boy Universe Expands: Meet The Heroic Aurora West!

Paul Pope's Battling Boy graphic novel was one of the best things to happen to superhero comics in the past year. And it left us wondering about Aurora West, the daughter of slain hero Haggard West. Now a sequel, the Rise of Aurora West, tells her story, and we've got an exclusive book trailer. » 9/18/14 10:38am 9/18/14 10:38am

Watch Batman: Year 100 Creator Paul Pope's Short Space Western Film

Paul Pope, the cartoonist behind Heavy Liquid, Batman: Year 100, and Battling Boy, steps into the world of filmmaking with this short film, 7x6x2. A serviceman is sent into an alien desert to fix a terraforming robot—but quickly realizes that he's not alone. » 6/04/14 9:20am 6/04/14 9:20am

This week, Garth Ennis writes Nick Fury and Paul Pope heads to space!

What comics are in stores tomorrow? Among the new books on the stands are Michael Avon Oeming and Brian Michael Bendis' kids' series Takio ("Taki and Olivia are sisters with superpowers! In fact, they are the only ones in the world with superpowers! So obviously, they have to become superheroes!") and Garth Ennis and… » 5/08/12 3:30pm 5/08/12 3:30pm

The Biggest Reasons To Get Excited About Comics This Summer

There's a gobsmackingly diverse slate of comics hitting stores over the next three months. Here's a sneak peek at some of the newest series under the summer sun. What's on the docket? Doctor Who aboard the Enterprise, new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Nick Fury acting salty, and Jesus Christ's clone's reality… » 4/27/12 8:20am 4/27/12 8:20am

Wednesday brings us mature-readers spaaace!

This week's comic bounty includes a groovy scifi compilation from Vertigo, a sentient grappling tooth, a Jack Kirby tribute project, and an artifact Brian K. Vaughan's tenure penning everyone's favorite mutant shapeshifter (no, I don't mean Morph). » 5/24/11 9:00am 5/24/11 9:00am

Meet the CBLDF, the people who make sure you aren't arrested for…

For years, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has been defending the First Amendment rights of comic readers, creators, and retailers. We spoke with the organization and saw exclusive new CBLDF promotional art from award-winning 100% creator Paul Pope. » 1/24/11 1:41pm 1/24/11 1:41pm

Fantastic scifi graphic novels (that will get you hooked for life)

Comic books can be a difficult to get into, what with their years of serial storytelling and convoluted continuity. Luckily, there are plenty of one-and-done graphic novels out there. Here are some of the best four-color gateway drugs. » 8/29/10 11:55pm 8/29/10 11:55pm

Cannibals, Cowboy Vamps, And Dystopian Strip Clubs

Wednesday comics aren't always super-people wearing variegated bodysuits. No, sometimes they're filled with crazed cannibals who'd love to don your skull as a codpiece. If gut-churning horror is your fancy, rejoice. » 4/20/10 9:00am 4/20/10 9:00am

10 Of The Decade's Best SF Comics

It's been the decade where comic culture took over pop culture, and superheroes became movie stars. But what are some of our picks for the best comics from the last ten years? We're glad you - okay, we - asked. » 12/12/09 12:00pm 12/12/09 12:00pm


We've written a lot about Paul Pope's urban sprawl fiction, but with good reason: Not only is it touching, sexy and honest in its portrayal of life in a future metropolis, it's also one of the more beautiful science fiction comics we've seen. That's beautiful in both writing - 100% is as gentle and kind to some of its… » 12/12/09 12:00pm 12/12/09 12:00pm

Psychenaut Rearranges SF Classics Into Art You Can Dance To

In the New York area and wondering what to do tomorrow night? We humbly recommend Shakedown, a party/circus/artevent in Williamsburg that'll feature burlesque, rock'n'roll and Psychenaut, a mash-up of classic science fiction. Host Paul Pope reveals what it's all about. » 12/04/09 12:40pm 12/04/09 12:40pm

Paul Pope Presents Japan's Futuristic Cars

We may be waiting on that flying car for a while, but Japanese designers have come up with some phenomenally futuristic concept cars. Comic book artist Paul Pope illustrates a handful of these Japanese automotive innovations. » 11/30/09 6:30am 11/30/09 6:30am

Pope Does Dune? More Please

Fresh from spending twelve weeks reworking SF hero Adam Strange in DC Comics' oversized Wednesday Comics series, comic god Paul Pope takes on another sci-fi classic on his blog: Frank Herbert's Dune. Click through for more goodness. » 10/02/09 8:40am 10/02/09 8:40am

Your Exclusive First Look At Paul Pope's Pop Cult Print

We told you about Paul Pope's limited edition print for Saturday's Pop Cult party at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, and now, here's your exclusive look at the print itself. » 7/23/09 8:30am 7/23/09 8:30am

Pope Talks DJing, Comics And Eternal Experiences

Comicsdestroyer Paul Pope is a true renaissance man, visiting SDCC this year as a DJ instead of just cartooning genius. We talked to him about DJing, music, comics, "pure" fantasy and why kids need new heroes. » 7/22/09 5:00pm 7/22/09 5:00pm

Support Artistic Freedom Logically By Bidding On Pope Trek Art

Want to do your bit for free speech and come out of it with a beautiful piece of Paul Pope Star Trek art? Here's your chance to bid on a page from Wired's Spock strip, with proceeds to the CBLDF. » 7/20/09 10:40am 7/20/09 10:40am

Spock's Backstory Revealed in the Special JJ Abrams Issue of Wired

Wired's "mysteries and puzzles" issue hits stands today with a guest editor: Star Trek director J.J. Abrams. He's included a (mysterious) comic that fills in Spock's new backstory for the flick. We've got a peek. » 4/17/09 8:30am 4/17/09 8:30am

Pope's 100% Lives Up To Its Name

A new hardcover edition of Paul Pope's 100% reaches stores today to accompany last year's Heavy Liquid reissue. But how do Pope's future shocks read, years later? We look at both again. » 4/15/09 1:31pm 4/15/09 1:31pm

Demand 100% From Your Comics This Week

Never mind new issues, this week's new releases is all about the collections of some great - and some less than great - runs of favorite comics. Oh, and the return of Dazzler, as well. » 4/14/09 9:00am 4/14/09 9:00am