Meet The People Who Are Pokémon Gym Leaders In Real Life

Every Pokémon journey has the same goal: become strong enough to take on and defeat gym leaders, Pokémon's version of boss battles. What if you could actually fight your way through a real Pokemon league? And what if this League was actually better than the ones found in the games? » 8/21/14 5:09pm 8/21/14 5:09pm

Holy crap, this woman's hanging GLaDOS cosplay is incredible

Unless you happen to be a potato, it isn't easy to dress up as Portal's malevolent AI GLaDOS. But Athena Cole, a.k.a. Enayla, commits to the costume by suspending herself from a frame. » 9/07/13 7:30am 9/07/13 7:30am

XCOM Isn't Any Easier in Enemy Within, but It Is More Thrilling

You'd think being given not one, but two hulking mecha-soldiers, for whom cover is a moot point because they can't use it, would at least reduce the relentless battlefield tension that distinguishes XCOM. It doesn't. » 9/03/13 4:41pm 9/03/13 4:41pm

If You Grew Up in the '80s, Your Soul Cries Out for This Space Shooter

Nerds and geeks of a certain age fondly remember Macross/Robotech, Star Blazers and other spectacle-filled, emotionally overwrought animated space operas from the 1980s. These Japanese series remain touchstones for a generation and some folks miss them quite a bit. Jake Kazdal is one of those people and the game… » 9/02/13 9:36am 9/02/13 9:36am