How does Adventure Time blend intense mythology with laugh-out-loud…

Seriously, how the heck do they do it? I suspect that there are tons of screenwriters working for grown-up live-action shows who would dearly love to hunt down Pendleton Ward and the rest of his gang of lunatics to learn their secret. Last night's two-part season premiere showed just how far Adventure Time has come in … » 11/13/12 3:57pm 11/13/12 3:57pm

Watch the first episode of Bravest Warriors, from the creator of

We've been waiting months — countless aeons of interstellar time! — to watch Bravest Warriors, the space adventure show created by Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward. And now, not only is there a new comic book on the stands, but the first episode is live at Cartoon Hangover, the YouTube channel for Fred Seibert's… » 11/08/12 12:07pm 11/08/12 12:07pm

How did Adventure Time become better than most live-action TV shows?

Seriously. I can't stop thinking about Monday's episode of Adventure Time, which was one of the most intense things I've seen in ages. The final scene, where Marceline and Ice King have this weird duet, made me lose my shit and keeps popping into my head. It's rare that any television show gets its hooks into your… » 10/18/12 12:32pm 10/18/12 12:32pm

We talk with the minds behind Adventure Time about the sunshiny…

One of the biggest draws at this year's Comic-Con was Cartoon Network's unapologetically bizarre animated show Adventure Time, in which the human boy Finn and his trusty dog Jake navigate the magical Land of Ooo, long after human civilization has disappeared. » 7/17/12 9:55am 7/17/12 9:55am

Pendleton Ward explains how he's keeping Adventure Time weird

Adventure Time has nuked our brains with its mixture of weird humor and colorful post-apocalyptic characters. Last summer at Comic Con, people who shrugged off appearances of A-list celebrities were completely captivated to see Lady Rainicorn and the Ice King zooming down the sidewalk. » 3/02/12 4:43pm 3/02/12 4:43pm