These DC-Themed Pens Are Classy As Hell

As someone currently writing to you through the medium of the Internet, I can't say I really have much use for a pen on a regular basis. But if I did, I'd use one of these fancy new pens based on DC's heroes and villains, which look amazingly fancy. » 12/18/14 3:02am 12/18/14 3:02am

An Architect's Guide to Famous Villain's Lairs

Say what you want about villains, they have spectacular architecture. But they're also a nightmare to create — which is why we don't have more undersea bases or faces carved into mountains in real life. Here are the weirdest design specs of some of the most famous villain lairs. » 9/10/14 12:04pm 9/10/14 12:04pm

Now I Want to Nuzzle A Baby Penguin

The Oregon Zoo is home to some Humboldt penguin chicks. The baby birds need routine check-ups from the zoo vets, which means adorable videos for everyone. » 3/23/14 10:04am 3/23/14 10:04am

Penguin Book Cover Wallpaper lets you coat your walls in literature

Want to cover all your walls in books, but don't have space for any more shelves? Now you can buy wallpaper printed with the classic Penguin Books paperback designs.
» 6/09/13 9:30am 6/09/13 9:30am

Antarctic timelapse aboard an icebreaker… for science!

The Nathaniel B. Palmer is an icebreaker operated by the US National Science Foundation. Cassandra Brooks, one of the 37 scientists the ship can accomodate for missions of up to 75 days and deep in the Antarctic winter, shot this timelapse video of the ship doing its stuff over a two month period while traveling… » 5/05/13 12:32pm 5/05/13 12:32pm

Batman Returns concept art reveals unused penguins armed with buzzsaws…

In Tim Burton's Batman Returns, the Penguin outfitted his feathered minions with rocket packs so they might bomb Gotham City. But in Tim Flattery's concept art for the film, the penguins were multi-talents, wearing not just rocket packs but also buzzsaws, grenades, and extending boxing gloves. » 2/24/13 7:30am 2/24/13 7:30am

This aerial view of Boston two days after Nemo is absolutely…

Have you been humbled by nature today? Take a look at this. It's a photograph of Boston, taken from the cockpit of a 777 two days after Winter storm Nemo blasted the city with 30+ inches of snow. [Click here for hi-res.] » 2/13/13 9:55am 2/13/13 9:55am

Penguins teach humans to walk on ice without getting injured

Loving this little graphic from the folks at TABLET Infographics (see below for the full image). The penguin's waddle is an age-old and oft-cited technique to avoid seriously injuring yourself while walking on ice, but be advised: moving like a penguin can be exhausting. » 2/12/13 11:17am 2/12/13 11:17am

A single image covers 67 years of Penguin science fiction book covers

Check out this weird timeline of book covers, showing which colors dominated on their Penguin book covers over the years. It looks like War of the Worlds had a long yellow period, while Journey to the Center of the Earth was cream-colored for decades. Arthur Buxton created this graphic to honor Jules Verne's 185th… » 1/23/13 3:20pm 1/23/13 3:20pm

New edition of 1984 will feature a "censored" blacked out cover

Penguin is releasing new editions of five of books by George Orwell, with covers by designer David Pearson. Perhaps the best of the new designs is Pearson's simple but brilliant idea for 1984, with the title and author's name apparently censored with black foiling. » 1/05/13 1:00pm 1/05/13 1:00pm

What would a Random House/Penguin merger mean for science fiction and…

The latest shockwave to hit the publishing world is the news that Random House and Penguin could be merged by their respective parent companies. Instead of having the Big Six publishing companies, we could be down to the Big Five. What will this lead to (apart from John Scalzi's joke that we could get a company called… » 10/25/12 11:56am 10/25/12 11:56am

Antarctic moss survives by eating 5,000-year-old penguin poop

Nature is full of examples of species that will go to any lengths to survive, as survival of the fittest morphs into survival of the extremest. Some Antarctic moss has found what must be the most disgusting possible survival tactic. » 7/08/12 11:30am 7/08/12 11:30am

This giant penguin ruled New Zealand 25 million years ago

Because of its extreme isolation from any other major landmass, New Zealand's unique native ecosystem is literally for the birds. And these rather elegant-looking penguins briefly dominated this bird paradise, back when New Zealand was mostly underwater. » 2/27/12 12:29pm 2/27/12 12:29pm

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sex in the Animal Kingdom

Sex is probably the most popular pastime in the history of life on Earth — which makes it all the more ridiculous that so many of us have such a mealy-mouthed way of talking about it. Take the expression "the birds and the bees," which we use to avoid speaking more explicitly about courtship and sex to our kids. » 11/14/11 10:17am 11/14/11 10:17am

What If Batman's Villains Considered Economic Theory?

What would happen if the Joker studied macroeconomics to decide whether to team up with Two-Face or go it alone? An economist known only as ShadowBanker has posted an analysis of the merits and drawbacks of supervillain team-ups, with charts. » 6/11/09 8:30am 6/11/09 8:30am

Gorgeous Reissues of Four Books that Changed the Way We See

Four design books released in the 1960s and 70s completely changed the way people saw our media-saturated world. Penguin's rebooted them for a new generation, and they're just as relevant as ever. » 12/16/08 7:30am 12/16/08 7:30am