That Time Penis Bravado Caused NASA to Change its Condom Sizes

After the jump you'll find a video, the first 33 seconds of which contain the best statement ever: The early astronaut urination system used condoms, sized small, medium, and large. But sizes were renamed "large, gigantic, and humongous" when the men would all grab the larges, regardless of their true size. Magical. » 3/23/14 8:00am 3/23/14 8:00am

Finally, we have invented a machine that draws penises for us

David Neevel has always been on the cutting edge of incredibly necessary technology. Now, he's outdone himself, making a machine that can not only draw a penis with the mere push of a button, but also write the word "penis." It's amazing. Still, I feel bad for all the people whose penis-drawing jobs have now been… » 6/07/13 10:40am 6/07/13 10:40am

The Terrifying Sex Organs of Male Turtles

Of the many unlikeable and inaccurate stereotypes maintained about animals in popular consciousness, among the most frustrating is what I term "old man turtle". This is the idea that turtles (by which I mean, all members of Testudines) are like decrepit, weak, bony little old men housed inside a box. It's not fair, and… » 6/20/12 8:25am 6/20/12 8:25am

Best of Sporn: A Love Song [NSFW]

Why does Spore, the new evolution game from EA/Maxis, give us hope for the future of humanity? Because the first thing everybody did with the "creature creator" editor was create a bunch of, shall we say, genitally-oriented organisms. Call it Sporn. EA is unlikely to let you share these creatures with other Spore… » 6/19/08 1:42pm 6/19/08 1:42pm