Alastair Reynolds Gets £1 Million To Write Some More Space Operas

Don't let anybody tell you there's no money in writing science fiction. Revelation Space and Pushing Ice author Alastair Reynolds just got a £1 million book deal (about $1.65 million) from his publisher, Gollancz. » 6/22/09 2:04pm 6/22/09 2:04pm

Our Economy Needs A Miracle... Like In Science Fiction

Click to view » 11/26/08 2:30pm 11/26/08 2:30pm Don't panic! Sure, our economy is crappier than a crap-monster attacking a crap factory. But that's the time when you should look to the future. Our economy could be transformed at any moment, by developments like new technology - or first contact with an alien species. And you can prepare for this…