Penny Dreadful Races to the Season Finale with a Sleepover

This week, Penny Dreadful pulled out all the stops for a breathless penultimate episode that brings everyone together in the townhouse to hash out the beginning of the end: alliances are formed, secrets come to light, and the devil comes back for Vanessa Ives. (The devil, it turns out, is still not as terrible as… » 6/23/14 1:54pm 6/23/14 1:54pm

A Handy Chart Showing Every Tawdry Encounter Ever On Penny Dreadful

Last week, Penny Dreadful cranked through some very Victorian flashbacks and positioned itself for the second act. This week, things get even more Victorian as everyone goes out to a play and has the worst night ever — except for the people who stayed home, for whom the night was slightly worse. » 6/02/14 2:00pm 6/02/14 2:00pm