These DC-Themed Pens Are Classy As Hell

As someone currently writing to you through the medium of the Internet, I can't say I really have much use for a pen on a regular basis. But if I did, I'd use one of these fancy new pens based on DC's heroes and villains, which look amazingly fancy. » 12/17/14 5:00pm 12/17/14 5:00pm

After careful scientific analysis, the Wirecutter's Tim Barribeau has determined that the very best pen on Earth is the Uni-ball Jetstream. He's written a seriously in-depth essay explaining why, which is a must read for any pen geeks. » 9/12/13 11:53am 9/12/13 11:53am

After 25 years trapped in woman's stomach, lost pen still writes

Here's a reason to leave any and all tonsil examinations up to the professionals. From an article last year in the journal BMJ Case Reports comes this anecdote about a woman who managed to keep a pen marinating in her gut for a quarter-century until doctors plucked it out. Report the authors, who are physicians in… » 7/19/12 1:55pm 7/19/12 1:55pm