The Man Who Lost His Wings in the City of New Crobuzon

Yesterday I mentioned that China Mieville's novel Perdido Street Station could change your life. Here's how artist Gordillo imagined the city of New Crobuzon, where the novel takes place. This is very much how I imagined it too, with the huge central train station of the novel's title hulking over everything. » 2/29/08 7:00am 2/29/08 7:00am

Dream-Eaters and Three-Sexed Aliens in the Five Greatest World-Building…

What would weather be like if you lived in a planet-sized bag of oxygen? What would reproduction be like if there were a third sex who combined the genetic material of two other sexes by linking them at the neurological level and giving them braingasms? What would scientific progress be like in an anarchist-feminist… » 11/13/07 9:00am 11/13/07 9:00am