Bourne's Sleeping Beauty: The Vampire Ballet No One Knew Was Needed

A few weeks ago, Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty: A Gothic Romance ended its tour in Los Angeles, California. Much has been made of the way the well-known story was changed, but what was really striking was that the ballet actually felt like the natural collision of two of the biggest trends of the last decade:… »12/22/13 4:00pm12/22/13 4:00pm

A Science Fiction Reading Set To Music, Beat Poetry-Style

We've been fans of Sue Lange's writing since we came across her unsettling chapbook We, Robots, from Aqueduct Press. And now if you're in Landsdowne, PA later this month, you can see her do a beat-poet-inspired reading of her new story collection Uncategorized, with musical accompaniment by guitarist/vocalist Gary M.… »2/03/10 12:30pm2/03/10 12:30pm

Survival Research Labs Still Burning After All These Years

Industrial robot monster fight troupe Survival Research Labs (SRL) »11/25/08 3:33pm11/25/08 3:33pm is 30 years old, which officially means that there are death machines out there old enough to have kids who are obsessed with . SRL, run by designer/artist Mark Pauline, has put on so many glorious, firey, illegal shows over the years that they've…