Scientists Have Confirmed the Heaviest Metal Ever Observed: Ununseptium

An international team of researchers has just published a paper confirming the existence of element number 117—ununseptium. It's the heaviest element ever created, with an atom of ununseptium outweighing an atom of lead by 40 percent. Make some room on your periodic table, there's a new metal in town. » 5/03/14 4:13pm 5/03/14 4:13pm

Is the periodic table the law or just a good suggestion?

This week on "Ask a Physicist" we have a doomsday twist. Is it possible to make strange new elements that could ultimately destroy the world or are you destined to be Mendeleev's bitch? In this week's column, we find out. » 4/13/11 11:00am 4/13/11 11:00am