Amuse Yourself with This Vintage Pseudoscience Personality Test

The internet is filled to the brim with personality tests like, "What kind of flavored potato chip are you?" In the old days, we had to get our pseudoscience personality tests the hard way, through literature and word-of-mouth. I finally tracked down one test that made the rounds at my school for years. »7/28/14 10:00pm7/28/14 10:00pm

Take This Test And Find Out If You're A Fascist

Ever worried you're a brutal dictator at heart? The F-Scale Test, put together in 1947, tests for these types of authoritarian personalities. But as the test eventually revealed, not all "authoritarian personalities" are going to take over their respective countries. Here's the problem with testing people for fascism. »6/20/14 11:00am6/20/14 11:00am