An Inside Look at the Real Stars of Battleship: The Awesome Special Effects

We've got an exclusive inside look at how Industrial Light & Magic created the big explodey world of Peter Berg's Battleship. It's actually a pretty detailed clip that shows the artists, concept art, the design process, and a few of their meetings with Berg (we love Berg's laser pointer). Watch the visual effects… »5/10/12 3:19pm5/10/12 3:19pm

Find out how irresponsible scientists brought the Battleship aliens to our planet

Why did those giant lizard beasts come out of the sky, to sink all of our battleships? Peter Berg and his team of disheveled movie scientists explain why the Earth is being invaded, in this new Battleship featurette. Learn about "goldilocks" planets, and why all this constant space exploration will only doom Taylor… »4/25/12 7:30pm4/25/12 7:30pm

Early reviews of Battleship are in: How does it live up to the Transformers legacy?

Every summer, there's at least one huge-budget film that squanders $200 million or so on boring action, unfunny jokes, weird racial stereotypes and bloated special effects sequences. And apparently this summer, it's officially Battleship. The "wet Transformers" movie has come out a whole month early in the U.K., which… »4/12/12 3:40pm4/12/12 3:40pm

First clip from Battleship shows off the aliens' board game-inspired firepower

Even though the director Peter Berg refuses to admit that he clearly based Battleship's alien weaponry on the red pegs from the board game, this new clip begs to differ. Watch the very first clip from Battleship, in which a collection of red cannonballs blast the military. Hot damn, this movie looks like Transformers… »4/06/12 11:50am4/06/12 11:50am

Liam Neeson is commanding in his role as "Red Peg" in this new Battleship trailer

The latest trailer for Peter Berg's board game movie is out! And it's all aliens, aliens, aliens! So many aliens! Alien autopsies, weird alien fingers, alien super-suits, and alien lizard eyes! Battleship is shaping out to be quite the explosion-happy summer action film. Plus, there's a great cameo by both wet… »3/13/12 12:40pm3/13/12 12:40pm

Japanese Battleship trailer does the impossible and makes this movie even cheesier

The international Japanese trailer for Peter Berg's big wet Transformers picture, Battleship, is out and it's got twice the zingers and "uh oh big robot" looks. Could this movie possibly be any more ridiculous than Michael Bay's Transformers franchise? Yes. Yes it could, here's the evidence. »12/26/11 4:00pm12/26/11 4:00pm