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How did humans colonize space in Will Smith's After Earth? An Exclusive…

So now you've seen the first trailer for After Earth, Will Smith's new movie set in a future after the human race has abandoned our original home planet. But what kind of post-apocalyptic, space-faring future are we looking at here? And what kind of challenges do our descendants face, in M. Night Shyamalan's space… » 12/11/12 11:30am 12/11/12 11:30am

Essential Star Trek Novels That Even Non-Trekkers Should Read

Now that we've all seen the teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, we've got a bad case of Star Trek fever. Luckily, there are tons of Star Trek novels that have been published since the Original Series went off the air — and many of them are shockingly good. Thanks to editors like David G. Hartwell and John… » 12/10/12 2:05pm 12/10/12 2:05pm

Battleship: An Important Document in the Future Field of Peter David…

Peter David isn't just a prolific contributor to comics, novels, television and various other media, he's also a huge player in the field of movie novelizations. (As opposed to media tie-in novels, which he also casts a massive shadow in.) One day, future scholars will study the novelizations of Peter David, with… » 5/15/12 12:45pm 5/15/12 12:45pm

Peter David's Star Trek Soap Opera Sails Onwards

Can you believe the Star Trek: New Frontier book series has already been going for 20+ books? It's hard to imagine. The longer Peter David's little corner of the Trek universe has gone on, the more soap-operatic it's gotten. And the trend looks set to continue with the forthcoming Treason, which just announced a pub… » 12/02/08 1:00pm 12/02/08 1:00pm

Find Out What Was Cut from The Incredible Hulk

Wondering just what you're missing in the now-mythical 70 minutes of cut footage from The Incredible Hulk? Turns out that you don't have to wait for the DVD release to find out, just crack open a copy of the movie's tie-in novel by longtime Hulk comic writer Peter David. Or, alternatively, let someone else do so and… » 6/19/08 7:30am 6/19/08 7:30am

Transhumans Go On Quests for Doom In This Week's Comics

If there was ever a contest for "most perfect new comic for io9 readers," Jonathan Hickman and JM Ringuet may have come up with a winner with their new series Transhuman. Add in a new anthology of SF and fantasy for kids, some collections of classic and... well, less than classic material and a new comic based on… » 3/25/08 9:00am 3/25/08 9:00am

The Many Colors Of Hulkdom: A Complete Guide

The different colors of the Incredible Hulk symbolize different things, and it's important to keep them straight. After all, you might want to give a Hulk comic or toy to your sweetie for Valentine's Day — but which Hulk symbolizes romance? The red Hulk or the green one? Don't risk picking the wrong Hulk and smashing… » 2/08/08 1:45pm 2/08/08 1:45pm