Classic Doctor Who actors try to join the special in a hilarious short

Worried about which Doctors would and would not appear in the 50th Anniversary Special? So were some of the actors who portrayed the Doctor in the classic Doctor Who episodes. In the comedy short The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, Peter Davison teams up with his fellow Doctors to take their rightful places in front of the… » 11/23/13 4:45pm 11/23/13 4:45pm

Why Peter Davison is Wrong About a Female Doctor

Time Lord #5 has recently given an interview saying the Doctor should never be a woman, which is a bit confusing. Prior to Peter Capaldi being named the 12th Doctor, there was a huge, raging, nasty debate about whether or not 12 should mark a change in the 50-year run of white dudes playing the time- and… » 11/03/13 5:30pm 11/03/13 5:30pm

Peter Davison has confirmed he's part of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary celebration. While this may well mean the Fifth Doctor will make an appearance in The Day of the Doctor special, unfortunately, that part isn't confirmed — he could just be interviewed or something. On the plus side, though, that protest seems to… » 9/13/13 1:30pm 9/13/13 1:30pm

Ex-Doctor Who stars protest due to lack of Classic Doctors in the 50th

Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker and apparently John Barrowman were all spotted outside Television Centre in London this morning, waving placards and expressing their discontent at not being in the 50th Anniversary Special. Well timed publicity stunt, or did everything just get a little... weird? » 9/09/13 6:02pm 9/09/13 6:02pm

The Complete Guide to Every Single Doctor Who Anniversary Special Ever

Today is the 49th anniversary of Doctor Who. And that means we're just 365 days away from the show's big 50th birthday — complete with what will assuredly be the anniversary special to end all anniversary specials. » 11/23/12 12:20pm 11/23/12 12:20pm

Why I am obsessed with old school Doctor Who

Nine years ago, I watched Doctor Who for the first time. I was instantly hooked. To this day, if I watch a classic Doctor Who story, I will love it unconditionally. I just wish I had the slightest idea why. » 12/22/11 3:17pm 12/22/11 3:17pm

Peter Davison explains what's wrong with Doctor Who's sonic screwdriver

Back when Peter Davison was playing that mysterious time traveler, the Doctor, he had a lot fewer tricks up his sleeve — and he couldn't rely on the sonic screwdriver to get him out of jams. » 4/13/11 5:00pm 4/13/11 5:00pm

When did Doctor Who's time machine get so easy to control?

After watching the latest Doctor Who Christmas special, one thought kept sticking in our brains: When did the Doctor become so good at controlling his time machine, the TARDIS? He used to be unable to steer it at all. » 12/29/10 8:30am 12/29/10 8:30am

Davison: I'll Be Back As Doctor If You Want Me

If the internet ever bores of wondering who will replace David Tennant to be the new Doctor, there's now a new possibility: Replace him with an old Doctor. Following his appearance in last November's special episode Time Crash, Fifth Doctor Peter Davison has admitted that he would be perfectly willing to return to … » 3/17/08 8:20am 3/17/08 8:20am

Doctor Who Hits The Nostalgia Crack Pipe

The new Doctor Who BBC series has a lot of fans who never watched the original. So why do the producers insist on hauling out more and more Thatcher-era crap? It's like they're trying to drain the freshness out of the show. The latest instance is the return of 1980s doctor Peter Davison in a mini-episode for a BBC… » 11/19/07 7:30am 11/19/07 7:30am

Must See: Doctor Who

Must-see TV shows are futuristic classics that shouldn't be missed. Of course, not every must-see is perfect. That's why we've rated them 1-5 on the patented "crunchy goodness" scale.

Title: Doctor Who
Date: 1963-1989

Vitals: A man of a half-dozen (or so) faces travels through time and space in a police phone… » 9/30/07 10:29pm 9/30/07 10:29pm