Why Are Many Of Today's Hottest Authors Writing Post-Apocalyptic Books?

If there was any doubt that post-apocalyptic fiction rules the book world, it was probably erased when Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven became a National Book Award finalist. But why do today's hottest writers write stories set after the end? We talked to Mandel and four other post-apocalyptic authors, to find… »10/21/14 3:21pm10/21/14 3:21pm


The Best Science Fiction Novels of 2012, According to the Clarke Awards

I have to admit to mixed feelings about this year's Clarke Award shortlist. On the one hand, it includes some of my favorite authors, including Kim Stanley Robinson, Nick Harkaway and Ken MacLeod. On the other hand, the Clarke Awards have been criticized in the past for honoring only male authors — and this helps fuel… »4/04/13 7:31pm4/04/13 7:31pm

A Post-Apocalyptic Book That Raises the Bar on Bleakness

In some ways, The Dog Stars by Peter Heller is a cozy sort of post-apocalyptic novel. As the novel begins, the main character has a pretty comfortable life, with plenty of supplies and a safe place to sleep. He has a pet dog and a buddy who helps keep him safe from the roving bands of desperate people willing to kill… »8/23/12 7:17pm8/23/12 7:17pm