Teaser trailer for "The New Kind" gives us beautiful, lo-fi mecha suit action

The New Kind, a cyberpunk adventure in the tradition of Evangelion and Ghost in the Shell, is crowdsourced in every sense of the word. Creator Peter Hyoguchi reached out to nearly 250 artists and designers from around the world to create the look and effects for the series, and then he raised $100 thousand to fund… »7/12/12 4:47pm7/12/12 4:47pm


The most exciting animated series we've seen in a long time

The New Kind is an anime-influenced series set in the post-human future, and this breathtaking trailer will leave your heart pounding and your brain wanting more. And you can get more, too — if you donate to the Kickstarter project that's funding the 250 artists who already started work on this series just for the… »2/20/12 6:39pm2/20/12 6:39pm