These Unused Cybermen Designs Are Utterly Creeptastic

The latest version of the Cybermen on Doctor Who looks sleek and pretty cool... but they could have looked more insectoid and shown more of their former existence as organic humans, if this concept art from Millennium FX had been used. Check out that horrible mouth! (Click to embiggen, it's worth it.) »11/16/14 3:00pm11/16/14 3:00pm


Own a gorgeous signed print of Doctor Who's tin dog, and raise money for heart transplants!

We've marveled at the brilliant Doctor Who concept art by artist Peter McKinistry. And now, here's your chance to own an ultra-rare print of McKinstry's illustration of the Doctor's best friend K-9, signed by McKinstry and the voice of K9, John Leeson! (Click the above image to make it giant, or right-click and select… »9/29/11 2:30pm9/29/11 2:30pm