Daybreakers Directors Helm The Dark Crystal Sequel, Promise Puppets

Great flying Gelflings: The Dark Crystal sequel just announced a big shake-up. Rumored director Genndy Tartakovsky has been replaced with the Daybreakers team, the Spierig brothers. But at least the brothers promise puppets and an amazing creative team. » 5/04/10 1:01pm 5/04/10 1:01pm

Ethan Hawke Pitches Daybreakers 2: The Road Warrior

Ethan Hawke is ready to get his hands dirty in the next Daybreakers film. He's even got a few ideas for a sequel. We asked the directors the Spierig brothers what they thought, but they've got a prequel in mind. » 1/15/10 2:30pm 1/15/10 2:30pm

Daybreakers Directors Working On A Mysterious 1940s Alt-History

One thing the Daybreakers directors love, and excel at, is world-building. And we've got the exclusive update on the new worlds they're building, including Warner Bros.' space-pirate reboot of Captain Blood, and another mysterious 1940s alternate-history film. » 1/07/10 10:00am 1/07/10 10:00am