Peter Straub's Shadowland is being developed as an "event series" for NBC by David S. Goyer. In addition producing the project, Goyer will also co-write it with BAFTA-winner Jack Thorne, who is currently adapting The Sandman. Shadowland follows two boys who spend a summer with a magician who may be a sorcerer. [… » 10/20/14 4:30am 10/20/14 4:30am

The best horror fiction and alternate-history stories of 2010: Revealed!

Over the past few days, the winners of the Bram Stoker Awards (for horror fiction) and the finalists for the Sidewise Awards (for alternate history) were announced. Want to know what the best terrifying stories and allohistories are? » 6/21/11 8:30am 6/21/11 8:30am

Don't Kill Your Darlings, Set Them Free

H.G. Wells isn't the only author who published an earlier version of one of his novels in a separate edition. Peter Straub is publishing The Skylark, a version of his new novel A Dark Matter before it changed in editing. » 2/11/10 12:19pm 2/11/10 12:19pm