All the Most Essential Science Fiction and Fantasy Books in November!

November's books are full of fantastical greatness. There's a sinister alternate history by Robert Charles Wilson, a new Gene Wolfe novel, and a historical epic by Nicola Griffith. Plus the definitive collection of 21st century science fiction. Here are all the science fiction and fantasy books you can't miss in… » 11/05/13 9:00am 11/05/13 9:00am

An incredible short story told from the perspective of the alien in…

If you love the John Carpenter version of The Thing and are dreading the remake coming to a theater near you, or if you just love stories that successfully represent a truly alien point of view, then you need to read Peter Watts' Hugo-nominated story "The Things." It's the John Carpenter flick, but from the point of… » 10/14/11 8:30am 10/14/11 8:30am

SF Author Peter Watts Gets A Fine Instead Of Prison Time

Peter Watts, author of Blindsight and the Rifters Trilogy, faced his sentencing today after a St. Clair County jury found him guilty of assaulting/restricting/obstructing a police officer. Watts could have faced up to two years in prison for the incident, in which U.S. Customs And Border Protection officers claimed he… » 4/27/10 11:37am 4/27/10 11:37am