The Voices Wonders If Your Pet Could Talk, Would It Tell You To Kill?

One of the oddest films about mental illness to come along in awhile, this pitch black comedy from Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis) follows the downward spiral of Jerry (Ryan Reynolds), a fellow driven to violence by the voices in his head… which seem to be emanating from his pets. Some spoilers follow. » 2/05/15 9:00am 2/05/15 9:00am

A pet alligator was seized after some 37 years spent chilling in its owners' backyard ... and maybe snacking on neighborhood cats. "You cannot own a reptile like this in the City of Los Angeles without having a proper permit," an Animal Services rep said. "And obviously for an alligator, we would not permit that." » 1/15/15 12:50pm 1/15/15 12:50pm

The Coming Age Of Cyborg Animals

Wearable tech like fitness bands and GPS trackers are all the rage, and our pets are starting to use them, too. These tools can help us monitor and track our companion animals. But these devices are also changing our pets' capabilities and how we interact with them. We've entered the age of cyborg animals. » 12/08/14 11:00am 12/08/14 11:00am

Werewolf Science: Do Dogs Really Bite More People During Full Moons?

Once upon a time, one Dr. Simon Chapman of the University of Sydney received a short note from a local farmer: "Have you university types ever looked at whether dog bites happen more around the full moon? It's a well known fact that they do." Chapman decided to put this urban legend to the test. » 10/29/14 4:28pm 10/29/14 4:28pm

Why Chimps Should Never Become Pets Or Performers

Chimps who are removed from their mothers early in life and raised by humans as pets or performers are more likely to develop behavioral and social problems, according to new research. » 9/23/14 7:00pm 9/23/14 7:00pm

Here Are the Pets that Won a Star Wars Look Alike Contest

This was the first place winner in Petco Mexico's Star Wars Contest. It's pretty good. It's no small boy and his dog, but it's pretty good. » 9/18/14 3:00am 9/18/14 3:00am

The New "Werewolf Cat" Highlights The Complicated Ethics of Breeding

Usually, people prefer cats with full, robust fur, shunning those mangier specimens with thin, scraggly hairs. But that might be changing. The "werewolf cat" just might be the next big thing. » 9/15/14 4:36pm 9/15/14 4:36pm

The Cat-Shaped Candle That Burns Down to a Skeleton

Available from Vat19, the Pyro Pet Candle comes in pink and gray. After 20 hours of burning, the cute little kittie is gone, leaving only a metal skeleton left. » 9/01/14 11:00pm 9/01/14 11:00pm

The Loyal Dogs Who Served Alongside Human Soldiers In War

Both cats and dogs have served as mascots and pets during wartime, but while cats were useful for pest control, dogs had a rather different set of duties, including tracking, scouting, serving as sentries, and carrying messages into battle. Here are some of the animal soldiers who served as man's best friend in war. » 9/01/14 3:00pm 9/01/14 3:00pm

Every Pet Guinea Pig Needs A Pair Of Leather Steampunk Wings

Pulguinha the Steampunk Guinea Pig doesn't need a jetpack, because he has a pair of brass and leather wings, perfect for soaring high among the airships. » 8/13/14 11:05am 8/13/14 11:05am

Even In The 1900s, Humans Were Obsessed With Photos Of Dogs In Clothes

Dogs have been our best friends for the last 15,000 years. So it shouldn't be surprising that as soon as we invented the camera, we started taking wacky photos of dogs wearing glasses, hats, suits, ties and other gear. Here are the most adorable (and alarming) vintage photos of dogs wearing human clothing.… » 5/28/14 3:53pm 5/28/14 3:53pm

Handy Charts Show How To Pet Your Animal Friends Safely

For some reason, we humans have an intense desire to touch animals. Lucky for you, we found a handy, graphical guide to the safest ways to pet, poke, and prod them. » 5/12/14 8:43pm 5/12/14 8:43pm

Can Los Angeles Become A "No Kill" City For Pets?

Here's the thing about euthanizing animals in pet shelters: nobody wants to do it. It's simply a consequence of an imbalance between supply and demand. More unwanted animals wind up in increasingly overcrowded shelters than are adopted out. » 4/16/14 4:17pm 4/16/14 4:17pm

Your pet hamster is the product of incest

Most pet hamsters in the UK and North America come from a stock of Syrian hamsters bred by biologist Israel Aharoni for scientific research. It turns out, though, that Aharoni's hamster supply was saved by hamster siblings mating with one another. » 3/12/14 10:40am 3/12/14 10:40am

A New Generation of Kittens Struggles with Physics

If Isaac Newton had kittens (and I'm not saying he did, because, for all I know, Isaac Newton was an iguana person), you can bet they wouldn't have been interested in physics or calculus. They would have wanted to move to Italy and become painters or layabouts in spite of Catdaddy Isaac Newton's strenuous efforts to… » 12/28/13 5:00pm 12/28/13 5:00pm

Study backs up what owners already know: Cats don't care

Japanese researchers have tested whether or not cats recognize their owners' voices. The good news: they can. The bad news: they're probably going to ignore it. » 12/01/13 1:00pm 12/01/13 1:00pm

To bring a puppy home is to initiate a "countdown to sorrow"

Or so says Louis C.K. Parents, after all, rarely expect to outlive their children – but most pet owners acknowledge on some level that they will probably live to see their animals pass away. Still, many of us sincerely regard our pets as family. How, then, do we cope with the loss of these loved ones? » 11/21/13 2:40pm 11/21/13 2:40pm

The Strange History of Bottled Drinks Marketed to Dogs and Cats

We were thrilled to see wine made for cats the other day — but this wasn't the first time someone has marketed beer, wine or sodas aimed at your pet. Check out our gallery of the tastiest and wildest beverages for dogs and cats! » 10/18/13 3:00pm 10/18/13 3:00pm