John Dies At The End is a carnival ride through the subconscious of the American horrorscape

John Dies At The End has a relatively tiny budget, but it's still one of the year's most anticipated movies. The novel it's based on, by Cracked's David Wong, was a huge Internet sensation, and we've been starved for truly oddball, universe-melting comic weirdness at the movies lately. So how does the movie of John… »1/25/13 12:40pm1/25/13 12:40pm


Where To Get Your Quick And Dirty Horror Movies - Free Online

We want our horror cheap, dirty and with lots of blood. So we rounded up all the best places to get your horror fix for free for the Halloweenie season while you may be jonesing for a little carnage. You want some free MST3K, you got it; John Carpenter's The Thing »10/30/08 8:02pm10/30/08 8:02pm, wait no more; , go for it. Plus much more! Hulu's…