The Truth About Truvada: Can One Pill Really Protect You From HIV?

It sounds too good to be real: You take one pill every day, and your risk of contracting HIV is reduced upwards of 90 percent. But the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) program is an actual thing, which the CDC and the WHO have been recommending since last spring. Is daily Truvada as effective as it sounds, and how does… » 2/03/15 11:59am 2/03/15 11:59am

The Horrifying True Story of the 1982 Chicago Tylenol Murders

In 1982, six adults and one 12-year-old girl died of cyanide poisoning in Chicago after taking capsules of Extra Strength Tylenol. The person responsible has never been found. Here's how this terrifying crime changed the pharmaceutical industry. » 12/29/14 11:46am 12/29/14 11:46am

Bizarre study shows that advertising improves effectiveness of drugs

You've probably heard of the placebo effect, where people's ailments improve when they believe they've been given medicine — even if that medicine is just a sugar pill. Now a new study suggests that the placebo effect can be invoked by advertisements, too. » 8/01/13 1:12pm 8/01/13 1:12pm

A new antibiotic that can defeat anthrax and MRSA

This is incredible news in the arms race between drugs and disease. Researchers have discovered a form of bacteria with antibiotic properties so powerful that it can defeat anthrax and the virulent, antibiotic-resistant bacteria MRSA. Could we have a new drug on our hands? » 7/23/13 4:04pm 7/23/13 4:04pm

What are the deadliest drugs in the United States?

Which drugs are actually killing Americans? Popular Science combed through overdose statistics from the CDC and turned the numbers into an infographic. » 4/25/13 12:47pm 4/25/13 12:47pm

3D printing technology could let you print your pharmaceuticals at home

3D printers have made incredible promises about the future manufacture and distribution of goods. Already we can print out toys, mechanical components, and even foodstuffs. One team, though, has set it sights on something with even more incredible potential: 3D printed pharmaceuticals that can be manufactured anywhere… » 7/22/12 9:30am 7/22/12 9:30am

GlaxoSmithKline Handed a Whopping $3 Billion Fine... But Is It Enough?

Talk about making a statement: Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline was recently slapped with an unprecedented $3 billion fine for a series of questionable business practices dating back to 1998. The fine is the largest for healthcare fraud in US history — and a clear message from the US Department of Justice that… » 7/05/12 10:50am 7/05/12 10:50am

New computer simulation can predict negative side effects of drugs

Drug testing is a time consuming, expensive, and at times dangerous proposition. But a new set of computer models has successfully predicted the negative side effects of hundreds of current drugs, a development that could see more efficient development of pharmaceuticals - and without the risks of testing on human… » 6/13/12 1:40pm 6/13/12 1:40pm

The Science & Counterfeiting of Monoclonal Antibodies

This week, U.S. officials intercepted 120 vials of fake Avastin, created by devious individuals looking to make a quick buck. It's easy to see why the crooks targeted this drug: A single year of therapy with a monoclonal antibody, like Avastin, can cost upwards of $100,000 a year in many cases. » 4/05/12 11:06am 4/05/12 11:06am

10 Happy Accidents from the Annals of Drug Discovery

The pharmaceutical industry spends untold millions of dollars trying to discover the next wonder drug. The potential profits from a breakthrough drug can be counted in the billions of dollars — and a great new medication can improve the lives of countless people. » 12/28/11 10:15am 12/28/11 10:15am

Sick of pharmaceutical ads? Here's why they won't go away.

It seems like every other billboard and commercial in the U.S. is for a prescription drug. And yet consumers can't buy them without a doctor's approval. So why target consumers with these ads? Do we really have that much influence over physicians? Here's how the U.S. became one of the only countries in the world… » 10/27/11 8:25am 10/27/11 8:25am

Why we need memory-altering drugs

Scientists have been tinkering with memory-altering drugs for years, discovering substances that can make you forget that you crave cocaine, and change the emotional weight of traumatic memories as you recall them. But the prospect of swallowing a pill that erases your past has troubling implications. Many ethicists… » 8/17/11 11:45am 8/17/11 11:45am

A drug that will make you a morally upright person

Yesterday the Guardian ran an intriguing article by Amelia Hill about the rise of drugs that could enhance our moral sensibilities. And by "moral," what is generally meant is non-violent and empathetic to strangers, as well as future generations. Here's a chunk of interesting observations from it: » 4/05/11 7:30am 4/05/11 7:30am

For women, placebos are the best aphrodisiac

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, believing that you're fulfilled can be the fastest route to real fulfillment. That's the lesson scientists learned when they gave women a "sexual enhancement" placebo - and found that it actually increased sexual satisfaction. » 9/16/10 9:30am 9/16/10 9:30am

Proof that genetically-engineered monsters are most likely to originate…

A new report on the pharmaceutical industry has just been published by a European consortium, and it provides - among other data - proof that the U.S. is a breeding ground for synthetic mutants and weird new drugs. » 6/16/10 5:30pm 6/16/10 5:30pm

Pirate Agricultures of the California Coast

When every crop has to be licensed from patent owners like Monsanto, only those practiced in the art of pirate agriculture will have reasonably-priced food. This gorgeous series of photographs from Mendocino's pot harvest might be a glimpse of that future. » 11/05/09 8:30am 11/05/09 8:30am

A Drug That Could Give You Perfect Visual Memory

Imagine if you could look at something once and remember it forever. You would never have to ask for directions again. Now a group of scientists has isolated a protein that mega-boosts your ability to remember what you see. » 7/02/09 12:36pm 7/02/09 12:36pm

An Anti-Anxiety Drug That Could Create Super-Soldiers

Soon you may be able to buy a drug that can make you calm by mimicking the body's natural self-soothing process. But you wouldn't feel drugged. What would happen to people who suddenly became fearless without side-effects? » 6/19/09 1:30pm 6/19/09 1:30pm

Goats Genetically Engineered to Produce Drugs in Their Milk

On Friday, the US Food and Drug Adminstration stopped dragging its feet and acknowledged that tomorrow's drugs are just as likely to be made in the bosoms of goats as they are to come out of a laboratory. The latest craze among drug makers is "pharming," or the practice of creating special, genetically-engineered… » 2/09/09 12:00pm 2/09/09 12:00pm