Drunk Museum Review: The Mütter Museum Will Give Me Nightmares Forever

I had a ball getting drunk at the American Museum of Natural History. But my most recent drunken outing was much less fun than that. I cannot stress enough that having a series of existential crises while drunk and alone in the Mütter Museum is a horrible idea. Just horrible. » 10/30/14 1:45am 10/30/14 1:45am

How to Tell if Your City is Dying

Detroit just took another huge step towards the abyss, with its proposal to turn off street lights across half the city. This is the nightmare scenario for anybody who loves a particular city: that one day, it'll fail. Chances are, if you live in (or near) a city, you already worry over every little sign that your… » 6/05/12 1:14pm 6/05/12 1:14pm

In 1940, The Franklin Institute announced armageddon as an April Fools'…

There are brilliant advertising campaigns, and then there are excellent ways to lose your job in public relations. This is an example of the latter. » 4/04/12 6:25pm 4/04/12 6:25pm

In an alternate universe, there's a 600-mph underground missile train…

In John B. Prather's 1945 paper New York-Philadelphia Vacuum Tunnel, Preliminary Design Features and Economic Analysis, the author proposes building a screaming vacuum train that will blast between Philadelphia and NYC in 20 minutes. Up yours, New Jersey Turnpike! » 1/12/11 7:00am 1/12/11 7:00am