Take your chances with fun, pulpy Version 43

Charming gangsters, lots of gun-fighting, and one insufferable robot cop: Version 43, Philip Palmer's latest, is a cracker-jack pulp-noir deep-space blast. » 11/14/10 12:45pm 11/14/10 12:45pm

Time-Traveling Historians and Resurrected Concubines in October's books!

October brings several long-awaited treats to your bookshelf, including a new Culture novel, the sequel to Connie Willis' Blackout, and Scott Westerfeld's Behemoth. Plus spying Victorian streetwalkers and Miles Vorkosigan! Here are the October releases you can't skip. » 10/05/10 11:43am 10/05/10 11:43am

A Cure For Stainless Steel Rat Withdrawal

Are you missing Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat novels? Me too. It turns out there's a placebo available, for your space-opera anti-hero needs. Philip Palmer's Debatable Space, which came out earlier this year, is a very Rat-like tale of a space pirate who kidnaps a princess. » 12/04/08 2:49pm 12/04/08 2:49pm