British Television Pities, Cancels The Phoo

Bad news for fans of Phoo Action » 11/19/08 1:20pm 11/19/08 1:20pm, the British television show based on and co-creator Jamie Hewlett's futuristic kung-fu Buddhist crimefighting comic strip . The BBC have pulled the plug on a fully fledged series based on the pilot, just days before shooting was due to begin. Why did the action-comedy fall down so…

Numchuks Will Make Police Brutality Awesome In 2012

Even before the pilot episode of future-cop show Phoo Action aired, network heads at the BBC have decided to make the show into a six episode series. Action is about a bad-ass kung fu cop who teams up with a surly teenage girl to fight the criminal Freebies Gang. Adapted from Tank Girl creator Jamie Hewlett's 1990s… » 2/15/08 9:20am 2/15/08 9:20am

Buddhist Kung-Fu Cops Fight Crime in 2012 London

In the year 2012, buddhist kung-fu cops team up with teenage anarchist daughters of the establishment to fight supercrime! Or, at least, that's the concept behind Phoo Action, a new BBC pilot adapted by Doctor Who director Euros Lyn from a semi-forgotten strip by Tank Girl co-creator Jamie Hewlett. Influenced by the… » 2/07/08 2:40pm 2/07/08 2:40pm