Yale Showcases 170,000 Incredible Photos of Depression-Era America

The photos taken by Farm Security Administration photographers in the 1930s are some of the most iconic images in American history. We’re all familiar with some of the snapshots of craggy-faced farmers, but unseen photos in government archives tell a more complex story of a struggling country. Yale just released a… »10/05/15 4:32pmMonday 4:32pm

Spend Your Weekend Breaking Down Identity And Bodies With Some Radical New Artworks

The annual Photoville festival, filling a bunch of Brooklyn shipping containers with artwork, is happening this weekend. And one of the containers is being curated by artist Claire Christerson, who created an exhibition about identity, the body, and prosthetics. Including some pretty fantastical artworks. »9/11/15 9:00pm9/11/15 9:00pm

This Carpenter Bee Can't Sting You, But He's Certainly Giving You the Eye

He looks like a bumble bee, but this is Xylocopa virginica, the Virginia Carpenter Bee. While females have a stinger, the males don’t, but they do step to other males who invade their turf, watching over females and young. “Carpenter” comes from the bees’ nesting habits: they tunnel into wood to lay eggs. »8/17/15 9:00pm8/17/15 9:00pm

20 Stunning Military Images That You Absolutely Have To See

These are the 20 most brilliant military images I found around these wonderful intertubes this week. Not only do they highlight the amazing things America and our allies’ service people do on a regular basis, but also the photographers, both military and private, that work so hard to gives us a view we could never see… »8/01/15 4:00pm8/01/15 4:00pm

These Colorful Patterns Are Famous LA and NYC Neighborhoods From Above

Photographer Jeffrey Milstein is known for getting stunning shots of our culture from above; we previously covered his aerial photographs of cruise ships. For his new series LANY he photographed the two cities from a helicopter. While these views don’t necessarily feel unfamiliar (thanks Google Earth!), his… »7/25/15 6:30pm7/25/15 6:30pm