Here's What The Night Sky Would Look Like With Much Better Eyes

Not too long ago, most people on Earth could look up at night and see the Milky Way's stunning ribbon of stars. But if you live in a modern city or suburb awash in light pollution, that dazzling view of the night sky is about as rare as a wild predator sighting. » 3/15/15 1:53pm 3/15/15 1:53pm

The Breathtaking View of the Stars Over Zion National Park

This is what getting far far away from light pollution to Zion National Park in Utah will get you. Taken on January 21, 2015, the stars are so numerous that the cliffs are blacker than the night. Full image below. » 2/25/15 12:00am 2/25/15 12:00am

What Caused These Rings of Ice to Form Around Rocks?

Redditor odstane posted photos of a frozen pond, where the freeze pattern around rocks make the whole thing look like a topographical map. Or a rock garden. Either way, it's a bit of a stunning mystery. » 11/26/14 1:00am 11/26/14 1:00am

A billion points of light. A gorgeous image of the dwarf galaxy UGC 1281, which is just 18 million light years away in the constellation of Triangulum. This side view is perfect for studying the distribution of gas in galactic halos. » 11/24/14 6:00pm 11/24/14 6:00pm

Insannequins Is A Whole Tumblr Devoted To Weird And Creepy Mannequins

Warning: Some of these pictures of real-life mannequins cannot be unseen and will live on in your brain forever. » 10/23/14 2:40pm 10/23/14 2:40pm

New and Improved Bird Bath, Now With Extra Coyote!

Bird baths aren't just for birds any more. A crafty coyote at Death Valley National Park decided to escape the heat by squeezing itself into a small bird-sized bathtub. » 7/11/14 2:59am 7/11/14 2:59am

A Closer Look At I Origins, The New Film From Another Earth's Director

Mike Cahill's Another Earth was one of the most thought-provoking and gut-punching indie movies of the last few years. And now Cahill is back with I Origins, a complex thriller about the origins of life that's already sparking lots of debate. And we've got nine exclusive images! » 6/27/14 10:40am 6/27/14 10:40am

Historic Photos On The Evils Of Alcohol Are Unintentionally Hilarious

Australia never enacted prohibition laws at the state or local levels, but temperance organizations flourished across the country. These studio photographs — depicting five stages of inebriation — were taken in the 1860s, and were likely commissioned for educational purposes. They're hilarious. » 5/19/14 6:20am 5/19/14 6:20am

Internment of Japanese-Americans, Seen Through The Lens Of Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is renowned for his stunning, black-and-white photographs of landscapes in the American West. But, in 1943, he documented one of the most shameful events in U.S. history. » 5/07/14 1:00pm 5/07/14 1:00pm

Wonderfully Surreal Photos From The American Museum Of Natural History

Earlier this week, the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) launched its Digital Special Collections site — an online archive of more than 7,000 images that includes seldom-seen, scientific illustrations from the AMNH Rare Book Collection, and backstage glimpses of the museum's famous dioramas. » 5/01/14 6:40am 5/01/14 6:40am

7 (More) Fun Facts That Are Total Lies

Did Nikola Tesla actually work as a swimming instructor? What's the deal with that famous photo of Albert Einstein and his therapist? Did they actually make radiation-aged bourbon back in the 1960s? Nope! » 12/26/13 5:55pm 12/26/13 5:55pm

9 Fun Facts That Are Total Lies

Everybody loves fun facts. But sometimes these little nuggets of trivia can be more fun than they are fact. And sometimes, they're outright lies. Like these! » 12/09/13 5:38pm 12/09/13 5:38pm

Vehicles Of The 2013 DragonCon Parade - Photo Dump

Each year in Atlanta there is a convergence of three groups of extreme fandom on a single weekend. First, we have these folks: » 9/01/13 11:13am 9/01/13 11:13am

What is this Cyberman orchestra conductor saying?

Doctor Who took over Heathrow Airport for its 50th anniversary, and there are some lovely photos of a Cyberman wandering the airport like a lost traveler. Terrorizing children, attacking author Jenny Colgan... and conducting the philharmonic orchestra (which is playing the Who theme, I'm guessing.) What's he saying… » 7/16/13 1:32pm 7/16/13 1:32pm

Abandoned Nazi and Soviet military complex seen in Inglourious Basterds

Krampnitz Kaserne was a massive military complex, housing in its history members of not just the Nazi military but also the Soviet military. Now, aside from the occasional urban explorer and movie crew, the complex sits abandoned, though some chilling reminders of its wartime existence still remain. » 2/24/13 11:00am 2/24/13 11:00am

Taylor Swift is Rapunzel in the latest "Celebrity Disney Princess"…

We've enjoyed Annie Leibovitz's photos of celebrities as Disney characters before — but this latest one, featuring Taylor Swift as Rapunzel, is one of our favorites. It's almost as good as Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen. [via Us Magazine] » 1/23/13 6:05pm 1/23/13 6:05pm

In the world's most cheerful cemetery, the tombstones are brightly…

In the small village of Săpânţa in Maramureş County, Romania, sits Cimitirul Vesel, the "Merry Cemetery." Unlike cemeteries in other parts of Romania, the Merry Cemetery is filled with wooden headstones, each one carved, brightly colored, and inscribed with a sometimes irreverent poem. It's a place that looks on the… » 10/21/12 8:30am 10/21/12 8:30am

What it's like to dive under a giant oil rig in Gabon

Over at National Geographic, marine ecologist Dr. Enric Sala is posting photos and accounts from his expedition, diving off the huge oil rigs in Gabon. The oil company TOTAL is allowing him and his team to dive off "several of their oil rigs." And this first view of the massive dark shape underwater, with coral… » 10/10/12 10:35am 10/10/12 10:35am

Photos of an abandoned asylum shot in black and white, complete with…

Tuscany's Villa Sbertoli was a businessman's villa before it became a sanatorium, and even long abandoned, much of its rich architecture still survives. But Romina Margherita A Diaz's photographs juxtapose the building's former grandeur with its more spartan hospital functions and adds an extra layer of spooky drama… » 10/07/12 5:00pm 10/07/12 5:00pm