No, Da Vinci Wasn't The First Inventor to Dream About Human Flight

Leonardo DaVinci’s wing and glider designs have inspired literature, art, and cinema over the centuries. But plenty of other people have schemed to take to the air, long before the Wright Brothers. Here are just some of the inventors who devised methods of unpowered human flight...with mixed success.
» 8/25/15 12:38pm Tuesday 12:38pm

Someone Made an Interactive Sculpture Out of Ferrofluid and it is Mesmerizing

Ferrofluid is a magnetic liquid, invented by a NASA engineer in the 1960s, that has, in recent years, become a popular medium among scientifically inclined artists. Ferroflow is an interactive desktop sculpture that makes it possible to play with ferrofluid—needless to say, we want it. » 8/18/15 10:40am 8/18/15 10:40am

Meanwhile in the Future: The Earth Is Falling Into the Sun

The Earth, right now, is revolving around the sun at about 62,000 miles per hour. But what would happen if we slowed to a stop? At that point, the planet would have exactly 64 1/2 days before it crashed into the sun. In this week’s episode, we find out what would happen during those 64 1/2 days. » 8/04/15 12:46pm 8/04/15 12:46pm