Here's How Black Holes Turn on the Lights In the Universe Around Them

Despite their popular reputation as dark inescapable pits, black holes really put out a lot of energy. They thrust out jets of matter. They get matter to heat up through friction as it swirls around them. And, in some cases, they contribute to bursts of incredibly high energy photons, thanks to a phenomenon first… »10/06/15 7:35pmTuesday 7:35pm

At Scotland's Crawick Multiverse Garden, You Can Look into the Void

Have you ever wanted to meander between two spiral galaxies, or follow in the footsteps of a comet? Now visitors to southwest Scotland’s Nith Valley can do just that. Welcome to the “Crawick Multiverse,” a massive installation created by renowned landscape architect Charles Jencks that gives symbolic physical form to… »9/21/15 8:30pm9/21/15 8:30pm

Quantum "Weeping Angel" Effect Freezes Atoms in Place

The paradox of Schroedinger’s Cat famously demonstrates that a quantum cat sealed in a box is both alive and dead at the same time until we look inside, at which point it becomes one or the other. Such is the weirdness of quantum mechanics. But if a mere act of observation determines the outcome of an experiment, what… »9/17/15 8:30pm9/17/15 8:30pm

These Cool Kinetic Sculptures Can Run 40 Hours After a Single Wind of the Spring

It looks like the inner workings of an elaborate mechanical clock, but it’s actually one of many hypnotic kinetic sculptures created by Connecticut-based artist and woodworker David C. Roy over the years. And they can run anywhere from five to 40 hours on a single wind, a testament to their excellent design. »9/15/15 1:00am9/15/15 1:00am

FBI Didn't Bother to Check Facts Before Accusing Physicist of Being a Spy for China

Temple University physics professor Xiaoxing Xi made headlines back in May, when he was indicted for allegedly sharing “sensitive” information with colleagues in China about a piece of laboratory equipment used in his superconductivity research. Xi maintained his innocence from the start. On Friday, he was vindicated:… »9/14/15 2:28pm9/14/15 2:28pm