Potter Vs. Voldemort: First Photo of the Big Confrontation!

Check out the first picture of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, coming in June. Looks like Harry's in a tough spot. Warner Bros. also released high-res pics of Sherlock Holmes 2, Sucker Punch and other 2011 films. » 11/24/10 12:27pm 11/24/10 12:27pm

This is what 8,000 cubic yards of rock being blasted looks like

This once-in-a-lifetime photo captures a blast that tears through 8,000 cubic yards of rock in an old phosphate mine. It's just one of the marvels captured in the best engineering photos of 2009. » 8/04/10 7:30am 8/04/10 7:30am

The dark side of the Moon turns out to be trippier than we could have…

Here's a dazzlingly bright look at the dark side of the Moon — more accurately called the far side, since it gets as much light as the side we can see. The colors come from the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter. » 7/21/10 7:30am 7/21/10 7:30am

The motherlode of bewildering, intense Inception images

Christopher Nolan rocked our brains with The Dark Knight, and it looks like he'll do it again with his new film, Inception. Dozens of high-res stills and poster images just went online, giving us our best look at this film. » 6/24/10 11:30am 6/24/10 11:30am

Can Live-Action Airbender Live Up To The Cartoon?

The first real footage from M. Night Shyamalan's Airbender came out this week and we've rounded up the latest screengrabs, poster and behind-the-scenes shots, to see if this live-action feature can live up to the cartoon. » 2/05/10 5:51pm 2/05/10 5:51pm

Meet Your New Predators

New pics leaked from the set of Predators give a look at the new version of the famous alien hunters about to chase down Adrien Brody and friends. Click through for alien predators, plants and grinning actors. » 1/17/10 10:00am 1/17/10 10:00am

A Bevvy of Mind-Controlled Lady Puppets From "Gamer"

A new batch of stills from the virtual reality death trap videogame flick Gamer show the NSFW parties that are only possible when the host controls his guests' minds. » 9/01/09 7:00am 9/01/09 7:00am

The Dollhouse Gets Down And Dirty In Unaired Post-Apocalyptic Episode

Felicia Day twittered a link to the first photos of her post-apocalyptic episode of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, which Fox has decided not to air this year. Check out a couple more, below. Including spoilers... » 4/29/09 10:40am 4/29/09 10:40am

Terminator's T-600s Look Like Terrifying Frankenstein Clowns

The machines stalking Terminator Salvation's post-apocalyptic future will be more primitive and clunky than Arnie's T-800. But they'll also look like messed-up parodies of human beings, as new pictures reveal. Check out our Terminator gallery. » 4/28/09 10:38am 4/28/09 10:38am

Chris Pine Isn't The Only Starfleet Officer Who Gets His Purty Face All…

Anyone else think most images we've seen of Chris Pine's Kirk have been bruise-porn? Well, he's not alone anymore: looks like our boy Sulu can take a punch too. A new Star Trek gallery awaits. » 4/24/09 8:00am 4/24/09 8:00am

What's Tree-Jumping Wolverine Saying?

What's Wolverine saying as he does a David Lee Roth leap in the forest? We know you're the best there is at captioning photos. Plus new images show Agent Zero and The Blob. » 3/09/09 10:00am 3/09/09 10:00am

Check Out The Middleman's Visit To The Dollhouse

Some new photos showcase an upcoming episode of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse in which Matt Keeslar, aka The Middleman, hires Eliza Dushku's mindwiped shell. Unfortunately, Keeslar's not in his milk-drinking, wisdom-expounding mode. Spoilers and gallery below. » 2/02/09 11:30am 2/02/09 11:30am

Anakin To Windu: Don't Tase Me, Bro

Here's the first taser/teleporter fight between Samuel L. Jackson and Hayden Christensen in teleporting-mutant movie Jumper, coming out in a couple of weeks. Other new clips from the Doug Liman (Bourne Identity)-helmed film include a domestic spat between Christensen and Rachel Bilson that turns into a hostage… » 2/01/08 5:00pm 2/01/08 5:00pm