Daily Dose Of Cute: Little Girl Tries To Hug Bomb Disposal Robot

Posted by Brockzilla on Flickr. I'm glad there are kids growing up now who see robots and think, "Friend." (Let's hope they never meet Skynet.) » 5/20/14 5:11pm 5/20/14 5:11pm

Just Another Day in the Ultimate Killing Machine

It's always a great feeling of satisfaction to watch the sun go down on your ultimate mobile death fortress, and know that you've put in a proper day of crushing and incinerating. With a spot of imploding, for good measure. Concept art by Manchu SF. » 5/16/13 10:38pm 5/16/13 10:38pm

Picture of the Day: October 8, 2012

WATCHING OVER US IN THE NIGHT | A brand new super-spooky picture of the Helix Nebula, looking bluer than ever and even more like a giant eye of Sauron in space. Tons more details at Universe Today. » 10/08/12 5:30pm 10/08/12 5:30pm

Picture of the Day: September 10, 2012

BETTER THAN TATTOOINE | Our own Ron Miller shares his artist's impression of Kepler 47c, the first binary star system with more than one planet in it. Check out the full version below. » 9/10/12 5:36pm 9/10/12 5:36pm

Picture of the Day: September 29, 2012

NUTHIN BUT MECH | This is one of the many amazing illustrations by Lorin Wood that you'll find in the multi-artist collection Nuthin But Mech, in stores now. If you like mech (and who doesn't?) you won't want to miss it. » 8/29/12 8:13pm 8/29/12 8:13pm

Picture of the Day, August 14, 2012

THE NEST | This is a detail from a creepily ambiguous diorama by sculptor Nemo Gould, who makes creatures, robots, and more out of found materials. See more of Gould's work on his website. » 8/14/12 5:32pm 8/14/12 5:32pm

Picture of the Day: July 19, 2012

THE SKIES ALL AGLOW | Dazzling auroras hang in the Antarctic skies over Concordia Station, a European research site run by the French Polar Institute and the Italian Antarctic Program. This is a rare break in the non-stop darkness of the Antarctic winter. Via Space.com » 7/20/12 12:05am 7/20/12 12:05am

Picture of the Day: July 9, 2012

RING IN THE NEW | The Cassini Space Probe once again left Saturn's equatorial plane, which means it's time for some amazing new views of Saturn's rings! Click here for another image that shows how an unseen moon makes Saturn's rings propeller-shaped. Via CICLOPS. » 7/09/12 6:03pm 7/09/12 6:03pm

Picture of the Day: June 19, 2012

BRACE FOR IMPACT! | A Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun heads towards Earth in a still from Dynamic Earth: Exploring Earth's Climate Engine, a four-minute NASA short showing at planetariums around the world. See more beautiful Dynamic Earth stills here. » 6/19/12 11:10pm 6/19/12 11:10pm