This Z-grade movie trailer is so inexplicably insane that you'll be mesmerized

From the fine production team at Anton Pictures comes Empire of the Apes, the tale of a "Female SpacePrison" which "found the entropy" and "dared to crash." Not only that, but this flick takes place "in a world where space rule." Plus there are women in teeny outfits with guns, men in silver bucket hats, spaceships… »1/30/13 1:40pm1/30/13 1:40pm

Secret behind-the-scenes Star Wars photos show the final flight of Boba Fett

A couple of die hard Star Wars fans camped out in the scorching California desert to watch the filming of the infamous barge scene in George Lucas' Return of the Jedi. Separated only by a chain-link fence, the group snapped some truly astounding behind-the-scenes images. Including Boba Fett's last call. »11/04/11 3:27pm11/04/11 3:27pm

Ogle Bradley Cooper's sexed-up smart drug addict in new photos from "Limitless"

In Limitless, an experimental mind-expanding drug blasts Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) into super-stardom. Enter evil suit Robert De Niro (playing what could be his best-named character ever, Carl Van Loon) and you've got a hot-blooded mind-job film about pills, science, death, addiction, wealth and sexy male cleavage.… »2/18/11 10:00am2/18/11 10:00am