Pigs Are Much, Much Weirder Than You Ever Realized

Did you know that in the Old West, people used to have pig drives, the same way they had cattle drives? They marched huge herds of pigs across the country to be slaughtered. Also, pigs attack and kill people every year, including one man who was pinned to his tractor. We have a very strange relationship with pigs. A… »6/26/15 2:59pm6/26/15 2:59pm

New research shows that pigs, already known to be intelligent, may also be able to feel empathy.

New research shows that pigs, already known to be intelligent, may also be able to feel empathy. Scientists in the Netherlands used music to train a group of pigs to anticipate either food or stress, then introduced untrained animals into the mix. The end result: the "naive" pigs did seem to empathize with their… »1/13/15 4:00pm1/13/15 4:00pm

Pigs are being strung-up and shot to train army medics in Denmark

Just a week after a "surplus" giraffe was killed at a Danish zoo, Denmark is once again embroiled in an animal cruelty controversy. According to PETA's British and German affiliates, the Danish military is using live pigs for target practice and medical training. [Warning, the following images are disturbing.] »2/18/14 10:20am2/18/14 10:20am

Valiant pig saves baby goat from drowning, wins the Internet's heart

And the award for most adorable thing you'll see today goes to this video of a pig saving a baby goat from drowning at a petting zoo. (NO THANKS TO YOU, MISTER CAMERAMAN.) Here's your chance to watch it before your friends do. And then watch it again. And again. Something tells us this little piggy's gonna be… »9/20/12 2:16pm9/20/12 2:16pm

Pig-to-human transplants could be closer than you think

Two scientists at the Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute at the University of Pittsburgh discussed the state of xenotransplantation—the use of cells, organs, or tissue from one animal in another—in a review in The Lancet. In that review, they touch on the history of one particular subject: pig-to-human… »10/22/11 1:30pm10/22/11 1:30pm