Ogle Bradley Cooper's sexed-up smart drug addict in new photos from…

In Limitless, an experimental mind-expanding drug blasts Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) into super-stardom. Enter evil suit Robert De Niro (playing what could be his best-named character ever, Carl Van Loon) and you've got a hot-blooded mind-job film about pills, science, death, addiction, wealth and sexy male cleavage.… » 2/18/11 7:00am 2/18/11 7:00am

Bradley Cooper hawks the pill that will let you access 100% of your…

How did we miss this amazing film? Watch the viral for Limitless, a movie about a copywriter who discovers a top-secret drug which bestows him with super human abilities. But with a few small side effects - like death. » 12/09/10 3:27pm 12/09/10 3:27pm

A drug that reduces HIV infections by 90 percent

A single pill could reduce your risk of HIV infection dramatically, a new study found. But are you willing to spend $12,000 a year and risk headaches and nausea just to stay HIV-negative? » 11/23/10 11:12am 11/23/10 11:12am

Trick Your Taste Buds With Futuristic Pills

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets will trick your taste buds into tasting sweet when you should be making a sour puss. ThinkGeek tested the tablets and found that they can help you happily much on lemons and limes, while eating an orange tasted like an "alien world or plucked straight from the Garden of Eden (truly, words… » 10/16/08 9:30am 10/16/08 9:30am