The Year in NSFW!

This year, io9 explored the outer limits of sexuality, from the most delightful pin-up art to the weirdest sex museums. We delved into indecent 1970s cosplay and incredibly strange films. We explored the history of porn featuring superheroes and space adventurers. » 12/28/12 2:00pm 12/28/12 2:00pm

Sci-Fi pin-ups smolder in original Star Trek uniforms

While the later Star Trek television series abandoned the primary colored short dresses in favor of unisex uniforms, the most recent Star Trek movie gave us smart Starfleet officers in skirts. Artist Des Taylor celebrates those retro uniforms, while adding his own cartoon touch to classic characters like Kirk and… » 11/18/12 7:00am 11/18/12 7:00am

Can you identify all the great fantasy writers celebrated in this sexy…

Here's your chance to appreciate some alluring pin-up art inspired by a dozen of the greatest fantasy and science fiction authors — and do some good. Every year, Lee Moyer puts out a "Check These Out" calendar of literary pin-ups, with the proceeds going to charity. And the 2013 calendar is entirely dedicated to some… » 9/11/12 7:00am 9/11/12 7:00am

The Singularity is Sexy: The Loveliest Robot and Cyborg Art [NSFW]

We're all scared of killer robots, but deep down we hope that one day our robot creations will be our friends. And lovers. There's something disturbing about the notion of a robot sex slave, but we like to imagine that one day robots will love us of their own free will. And that some of us will be cyborgs. That's why… » 8/03/12 12:13pm 8/03/12 12:13pm

Paleontological pin-up girls have dinosaur skulls for heads

If girls in lingerie and dinosaurs mix in strange Internet photos, why not in fine art? Artis Josean Rivera has filled his drawing pad with some unusual figure drawings, putting dinosaur skulls where his ladies' heads should be. » 2/25/12 11:00am 2/25/12 11:00am

Pin-up calendar ladies survive the sexy apocalypses

They're not appropriately dressed, but these ladies are managing to get by in the apocalypse all the same. Illustrator Andrew Tarusov created a doomsday calendar, with a different gal and a different apocalypse for every month of the year. » 2/05/12 1:00pm 2/05/12 1:00pm

The Extreme Sexiness of Concept Art Pin-Ups [NSFW]

Concept art takes us to strange worlds and expands our imagination — but sometimes, it's also as sexy as hell. You can't look through the artist galleries at CGHub, Concept Art World and other sites without finding some concept art that's basically pin-up art as well. » 1/20/12 12:23pm 1/20/12 12:23pm

The Loveliness That Will Not Die: Sexy Vampire Pin-Up Art

Vampires. They're mysterious and dangerous — but most of all, they're alluring. They have the glamor of eternal youth, combined with centuries of style. But vampires also have their cute, playful, sexy side. And that's why there's vampire pin-up art. » 8/19/11 11:00am 8/19/11 11:00am

Lucy Westenra by Avelina de Moray via Vampirella by

Get enchanted with the sexiest witch pin-ups of all time! [NSFW]

Is there anything more glamorous and sexier than a woman with magical powers? Our new favorite blog is Sexy Witch, which posts images of enchantresses from the past 100 years. Check out some of our favorite witchy pin-ups below. » 9/08/10 11:30am 9/08/10 11:30am

The Spine-Tingling Glamour of Hammer Pinup Girls

Just in time for Halloween, Titan Books has released Hammer Glamour, a luscious coffee table book that collects pinup images of beauties featured in iconic Hammer Studios movies of the 1960s and 70s. These ladies helped redefine the horror genre. » 10/15/09 1:19pm 10/15/09 1:19pm

Enter The Forbidden Galaxy Of Cheesecake Art [NSFW]

Two beautiful adventurers stalk the steam-tunnels of Kraang, armed only with pulse-lasers and wearing their protective fishnet stockings and bustiers. The New York Pin-Up Club turned its lusty eye to science-fiction recently, and we've got some of the loveliest pics. » 7/16/09 2:30pm 7/16/09 2:30pm

Pin-Up Girls Tame Outer Space, Ride Godzilla (Maybe NSFW)

Pin-up artist Andrew Bawidamann is best known for his military art, showing bodacious women in uniforms and on the battlefields. But he also does amazing space pin-ups, and here are a few of our favorites. » 4/15/09 1:27pm 4/15/09 1:27pm

Only The Hot-Pink Cops Can Save Us From The Space Lizards!

Everything about this image, "Rain," says futuristic noir — except the woman's insane police outfit. Unbuttoned police shirt over pink bra, pink and white skinny pants, gun belt and badge. It's really all you need to keep the order and hold off the drooling space lizards in the rainy cityscape. Artist Lorenzo… » 11/04/08 5:04pm 11/04/08 5:04pm

Zombie Pin-Up Calendar Will Make Your Blood Race

Reason number 712 that I love my fair city of San Francisco is the fact that a group of local lovelies put together this amazing calendar of vintage pinup images in full zombie makeup. The whole gang of them descended on Golden Gate Park with photographers, makeup artists, and an impressively delightful array of… » 10/14/08 12:25pm 10/14/08 12:25pm

Naoto Hattori's Beautiful, Naked Aliens (NSFW)

Aliens are hot, and Naoto Hattori knows it. That's why the 32-year old New York-based Japanese artist draws them with such grace and beauty. People love his work so much that it's being shown all over the world, from Rome to California to Tokyo. See below for more provocative alien portraits by this man with an… » 4/18/08 8:40am 4/18/08 8:40am

Shoe Store of the Future Replaces Brannock Device With Robot

You know you want to see it in all its sexy robotic glory, so click through. P.S. What's a Brannock device, you say? It's that foot-measuring doohickey you didn't realize had such a noble name. » 4/09/08 1:30pm 4/09/08 1:30pm