What does it mean when a movie gets massively delayed?

This past week or so has seen two movies hit with massive delays and reshoots, leading to speculation that they're in trouble. World War Z, the zombie movie based on Max Brooks' novel, is going back for seven weeks of reshoots, and the script is being massively rewritten by Prometheus/Lost writer Damon Lindelof.… »6/11/12 6:00pm6/11/12 6:00pm

The bad guy of Piranha 3DD tells us about his aquatic swingers' club

In Piranha 3DD — the sequel to 2010's "nubile swimmers getting eaten underwater" flick Piranha 3D — a sleazy water park monitored by stripper lifeguards and an unapologetically ineffectual David Hasselhoff is invaded by hungry fish. io9 had a quick chat with comedian David Koechner about playing P3DD's villainous… »5/31/12 2:40pm5/31/12 2:40pm

Watch a man get bitten in half by a giant shark in the Bait redband trailer

Piranha 3DD seems to have a monopoly on the "fish and tits" subgenre of horror movies for this year — but this indie Australian film, Bait, is making a serious challenge when it comes to the "fish" part. Watch a bunch of people get trapped in a warehouse with a giant shark, after a tidal wave floods their town.… »5/16/12 5:35pm5/16/12 5:35pm

Which Underdog Movie Could Be This Summer's Sleeper Hit?

Every summer, there's at least one smaller movie that breaks out of the pack. A film that's not based on a huge comic book or toy franchise, with a budget under $100 million. Even though summer is supposed to belong to the big superhero and toy movies, there's always at least one upstart that surprises everybody. A … »5/04/12 4:40pm5/04/12 4:40pm

33 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies that Could Rock Your Summer

This year's summer movies just won't let up. There's Joss Whedon's Avengers, Chris Nolan's third Batman film, and Ridley Scott's long-awaited return to space horror. Plus maybe a dozen other movies that look like they could be totally fantastic. Here's our complete list of 32 movies coming out between now and… »4/23/12 5:13pm4/23/12 5:13pm

In the Piranha 3DD trailer, the fish are invading vaginas now

Piranha 3DD, they're replaced the lifeguards with strippers! No, seriously! The sequel to the ridiculously schlocky murderous fish fest Piranha is delivering twice the insanity as its first film. Watch a fish swim up a lady's downstairs bits, only to bite off the penis of her lover, later on. Let the waterpark blood… »2/29/12 5:05pm2/29/12 5:05pm

Piranha 3DD trailer has Gary Busey, David Hasselhoff, and Ving Rhames' magic gun legs!

Here's the first footage from Piranha 3DD, the sequel to the fish movie that bit off a man's penis on camera! And this time, the Piranhas are traveling through the sewer system, eating up all the folks lounging in their pools. Their end game? Invading a busty water park. The film — which was penned by Saw 3D writers… »10/19/11 10:45am10/19/11 10:45am