These clips from Piranha 3DD are short on stripping lifeguards, but…

How could Piranha 3DD possibly top its predecessor? Easy — add one David Hasselhoff. Check out this trio of clips filled with schlocky horror, mad scientist Christopher Lloyd, and Hoff's next greatest single, "Love Hunter." Piranha 3DD hits theaters on June 1. » 5/16/12 8:15am 5/16/12 8:15am

The last sound you'll hear as you're torn apart by piranhas is barking

The revelations never cease. First, it turns out that piranhas aren't the vicious cow-stripping killers we'd been led to believe. Now it turns out that they bark when they see things they don't like. Discover the physics of how piranhas yip away like yappy dogs. » 10/13/11 7:00am 10/13/11 7:00am