Terrifying Medical Instruments Found on Blackbeard's Sunken Ship

The jolly good life of a pirate was not a jolly healthy one, what with the syphilis and scurvy and ship-raiding. Archeologists excavating Blackbeard's flagship off the coast of North Carolina have unveiled their latest findings: a cache of medical instruments that include this rather horrifying urethral syringe. »1/28/15 4:43am1/28/15 4:43am

Black Sails opening looks like H.R. Giger's Pirates of the Caribbean

Looks like Starz is going down the Game of Thrones route for the opening credits of their upcoming pirate series Black Sails. There aren't any people, just a series of elaborate scenery, consisting of creepy sculptures and statues of pirates, skeletons, and ladies and/or wenches. Oh, and violence. Can't forget the… »1/02/14 2:52pm1/02/14 2:52pm

This pirate-themed bedroom set is the greatest thing ever

If it's not enough to watch The Princess Bride over and over again, you can now live inside a pirate fantasy right in your bedroom. This insane pirate bedroom set — which is, for some reason, being marketed to kids — includes everything from pirate curtains and clothes hamper, to bedsheets and rugs. Basically you can… »1/22/13 8:31pm1/22/13 8:31pm

Somali pirates continue to use rocket launchers and grenades to attack ships

The pirates of Somalia are getting even more bold and heavily-armed than ever. Earlier this week, twelve pirates were arrested after they attacked a merchant vessel with rocket propelled grenades. If contemporary piracy is going to emulate historical piracy, you can bet that today's pirates will be tomorrow's… »1/11/13 1:18pm1/11/13 1:18pm

A swashbuckling noblewoman sails the Wild Space West in Greg Rucka's webcomic Lady Sabre & the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether

Firefly blended western aesthetics with space travel, and steampunk stories are frequently set in the American West. Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett's webcomic Lady Sabre & the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether takes steampunk, space travel, and westerns, and adds a crew of spacefaring pirates, led by a sword-wielding lady. »6/16/12 11:30am6/16/12 11:30am

Charles Stross' latest novel is coming true over on The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most famous BitTorrent trackers online. Their political agenda and staff have changed a lot over the years, but they've continued to provide a terrific online resource for sharing media files. And now they're taking the first step in the direction of a future that Charles Stross rendered… »1/23/12 5:56pm1/23/12 5:56pm

According to BitTorrent and Netflix, people prefer to pirate science fiction

What's the difference between movies that people will pay to rent, and movies that people will risk the wrath of the MPAA to pirate? Apparently, it's all in the genre. Download-obsessed site Torrent Freak researched popular downloads by looking at public BitTorrent trackers. They found that the most popularly-shared… »10/21/11 11:30am10/21/11 11:30am