The Planck Satellite Discovers Extra Dark Matter In the Universe

This week, the Planck Satellite team announced major findings from over a year of observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), or the radioactive sludge that lingers in our universe from the beginning of time, right after the Big Bang. And while there's a lot to digest, I wanted to give you some high points… » 3/22/13 7:00am 3/22/13 7:00am

"Heroes of Science" action figures are light on "action," heavy on the…

Yesterday we told you about the world's greatest Agent Coulson action figure. At the time, we called it the world's greatest action figure. But AF-Coulson would do well to watch his back; over on deviantART, graphic artist datazoid has put together a series of digitally painted "Heroes of Science" action figures (based,… » 11/20/12 7:00am 11/20/12 7:00am

Twenty-nine of history’s most influential scientists in one photograph …

I can't get over how fantastic this image is. It was originally captured in 1927 at the fifth Solvay Conference, one of the most star-studded meetings of scientific minds in history. Notable attendees included Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Marie Curie, Erwin Schrödinger, Werner Heisenberg, Wolfgang Pauli, Paul Dirac and… » 9/04/12 5:00pm 9/04/12 5:00pm

The galactic haze that surrounds the Milky Way is a baffling mystery

Back in late 2010, astrophysicists spotted two gargantuan, gamma-ray emitting bubbles mysteriously coming out of the galactic center. Now the bubbles have an equally baffling companion: a strange haze of microwaves that extends through the galaxy, and "defies explanation." » 2/14/12 4:17pm 2/14/12 4:17pm