Surviving a plane crash is more common than you probably realize

Planes are very safe, and chances are you've been told as much. "You're more likely to die on your drive to the airport than you are in the sky," and all that. But do you know why planes are so safe? It's not just because plane crashes are rare (though they most definitely are). It's also because even if you do… » 11/13/12 6:40am 11/13/12 6:40am

Real-Life Lost Relic Found Over and Over Again

No, we're not tripping through time with Desmond. The derelict and overgrown plane found in Lost has become a prevalent symbol for a deserted island that's anything but. It also seems to be just as prevalent in the real world. » 12/31/09 1:05pm 12/31/09 1:05pm