Marvel Resurrects The X-Babies

As if three different versions of Marvel's X-Men wasn't confusing enough for casual readers, this weekend saw the announcement of yet another take on the mutant franchise. But at least this one has a gimmick: They're a bunch of babies. » 6/22/09 7:00am 6/22/09 7:00am

Whatever Happened To These 7 Awesome Movie Projects?

Remember when we were promised a remake of Fahrenheit 451, or a new Barbarella starring Rose McGowan? What happened to those movies? I want to see a futuristic Guy Montag (please cast Christian Bale.) The movies we get most excited about often seem to fall into the black hole of "in development." We've collected a… » 6/09/08 1:17pm 6/09/08 1:17pm